I am ready to get back on the road and start traveling again. But when I went to pack my bag for my first adventure I forgot the usual routine. What do I need to take with me? What were those little must haves that I always forgot about until it was too late? In case you also have forgotten read on to see my list of must haves.

  1. Samsonite Carry-on 4-wheel spinner – How can you go on a trip without a suitcase? For a short weekend trip I am a big fan of the Samsonite hard shelled four wheel spinners. The suitcase is solid, rolls easily on four or two wheels, has two separate internal zippered compartments and is very stylish. I will admit though the capacity is less than my older canvas roller suitcase. Amazon $135.
Toilet case

2. Hanging Toilet Case – My favorite travel hack is keeping a fully stocked travel case at all times. I used to hate having to start from scratch on every trip refilling all my little 3 oz. containers with every product. Now I just keep the case packed at all times and just top-off the empty containers. It’s also great when you’re going on a short trip to be able to keep everything in the case and just hang it on a hook, keeping everything contained. Amazon $17.99.


3. Nanopress Portable Espresso Maker – What’s worse – Drinking tasteless drip coffee from a questionable coffee pot in your hotel room or having to go out early in the morning and search for a coffee shop in a new neighborhood? This portable coffee maker is very compact, doesn’t require electricity and allows you to add your personal favorite roast to get the cup of coffee you are used to at home. Just add boiling water. Amazon $54.90.

Bose Soundlink Micro

4. Bose Soundlink Micro – What is especially important for the solo traveler is having some entertainment in your back pocket. Bose makes some of the best sounding equipment in the industry, although you can find other brands that are more budget friendly if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of quality. Amazon $119

5. Gemice Travel Bottles – Buying disposable travel products is so 2010. Buy these reusable bottles and fill them with your favorite product. The silicon containers and caps of the Gemice bottles are leak proof so you don’t have to worry about these popping open and leaking on your clothes. Amazon $11.99

6. Benevolence LA’s Jewelry Organizer – Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent a night in a hotel room untangling your necklaces from each other. This cute, plus travel cases has a little compartment for each piece of jewellery so they don’t tangle with each other. Bonus points – Benevolence LA is a small business who gives back a portion of the proceeds to charity. Amazon $17.99

7. Bicycle Playing Cards – So now you’ve left the house, you’re sitting on the plan and you’re bored? You need some entertainment! I always travel with a pack of cards in my carry on for those boring moments when you need to pass the time. Amazon $4.49

8. USB Travel Plug – Most of us have doubled the number of electronics we travel with over the past 5 years. All those electronics come with a different bulky plug base. Instead of carrying all the chargers try carrying just the wires with one plug point like the Anker USB Travel Plug. Amazon $9.99

9. Sennheiser Earbuds – Ever since the Air pods came out I’ve been a fan of wireless music listening and haven’t turned back. But guess what? The airline industry is a little behind the times and if you want to watch some free inflight entertainment you will need to carry some wired earphones. This pair for Sennheiser is a good quality brand that will be clear enough to hear over the plane noise without breaking the bank. Amazon $49.99

10. Travel Candles – Ever stay in a hotel room that smells a little funky? It’s happened to all of us at some point. Or maybe your hotel room smells just fine, but you’ve walked 20,000 steps and visited every last museum and just want to relax in the room with a bottle of wine and a candle. Keep one of these permanently tucked into a pocket in your suitcase so you will always be prepared. Amazon $9.89.