krilo(1)Unlike most of Europe there is not a train system to travel in Croatia. One of the best ways to get between the coastal towns is by ferry. However the ferry systems can be a bit difficult to navigate. There are multiple ferry operators and none have very clear websites.

We traveled from Dubrovnik to Split via the Krilo ferry. The ferry departs from Dubrovnik at 4pm and tickets can (and should) be bought online in advance for 200 kuna. The journey from Dubrovnik to Split is about four and a half hours.

There are not many amenities onboard. There is a “cafe” which serves coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer. They also sell some pre-made sandwiches and chips. Given the length of the trip you probably want to pack your own snacks.

Once onboard we upgraded to business class which is the second level of the boat. This was an additional 100 kuna and well worth it as we had most of the space to ourselves (there was only one other group in the space and a few crew members taking their break).

The one disappointment of the ferry is that passengers are not allowed to go on the outside decks.