Downtown Jim ThorpeWe left the Poconos fairly early on Sunday morning as we had about a five hour drive ahead of us.

Overall we had a great time on the trip and enjoyed all of our adventure activities. There are a lot of dated misconceptions about the Poconos area out there probably left over from the 70’s and 80’s when the area catered towards a different crowd. In recent years it seems like the area has tried to reinvent itself and is not a nice little weekend getaway area.

I wouldn’t recommend the Pocono Manor as a place to stay. The facilities were dated and needed some remodeling, and some of the staff was in need of some customer service training. The hotel is nestled into the mountains which might be good for the atmosphere but it means it is hard to go out in the evenings as you have to drive through the dark mountain roads or take the hotel shuttle.

If I were to go back I would stay in Jim Thorpe rather than the main Poconos area. All the adventure activities are based in Jim Thorpe and the downtown area looked quite cute with a number of restaurants and bars in walking distances.

In general I would recommend the area but go into with the right expectations.