If you have not already please read about our four day trip to Lisbon, Sintra and Porto here.

Here are some things we learned in Portugal that may help you plan your trip:

  • Everyone spoke some English
  • Uber is the best way to get around. All the local taxis we took overcharged, even the ones which the hotel arranged for us.
  • Try an authentic Fado house and don’t be afraid to be a little push to get in.
  • Lisbon is a pushy city overall and queuing is not really a thing.
  • Everything is uphill. Take an Uber.
  • Even if it looks close on a map assume it is uphill.
  • Cobblestone streets are hard to walk on.
  • Everywhere we went felt safe even at night. Of course you should use standard big city senses.
  • Beer and wine is very cheap.
  • Hotel prices are very reasonable compared to the rest of Europe